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金尚Jinshang Lilian Tian 田丽莲
金尚Jinshang Lilian Tian 田丽莲


Jinshang Indoor Garden | Experience the "Spring Overture" Chamber Music Concert

Welcome music lovers!
We are excited to invite you to join us for an unforgettable evening of beautiful music, delicious food, and stunning scenery at the Jinshang Indoor Garden.
We have invited three talented young musicians to perform together, creating a magnificent world of music for us to enjoy. Let’s spend a wonderful Friday night together!


Changjiang Juanyong Class Activity @ Jin Shangyuan

Changjiang Juanyong visit to Jinshang
The Jinshang team carefully planned an evening party
(A gathering at night)
Dedicated to the beautiful, independent, confident and self-reliant women
Who bring their own radiance and are lifelong learners.


JinShang‘s Wonder Soul Series ~Empowering Up Women Achievers

Another unforgettable JinShang WonderSoul, Empowering UP Women Achievers


JinShang "Thanksgiving"

Thanksgiving in a different way, Professor Zhi Min opened with an artistic speech titled “The Endless Pillar – Commemorating the 147th Birthday of Constantin Brancusi”.


Natures Voice of Paint-Art Exhibition

It’s been such a honor to work so closely with these three incredibly talented artists, Ayse, Jerry and Martha, their true passion, generosity, and kindness are deeply inspiring


Brâncuși Photo Exhibition

In honor of Constantine Brâncuși’s 147th birthday, the first exhibition was held at the new JinShang Indoor Garden, organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute in Beijing in partnership with the JinShang Group.


We are One

A powerful Earthquake hit Türkiye last week. JinShang Group together with our Turkish artist friends jointly launched a charity donation. In just three days, with the love and support from all over the country, we were able to collect 34 boxes of winter clothes and supplies; and 100,000 yuan worth of tent materials. All have sent to the disaster-stricken areas in Türkiye.

2022.11. 08

JinShang's Wonder Soul ~The Power of Art

We invited five artists from diverse backgrounds to speak, act, and perform about the power, depth, and impact of art in all its forms. Our hearts were deeply touched as we listened to their personal stories to artistic journey, revealing their immense courage, passion, and creativity throughout the creation of their works. Any form of art has  power, not only does it change us, it makes us change and has an impact in the world.


Design Without Borders

Lilian Tian, JinShang ‘Mayor,’ the Founder & Design Director of WTL Design, joined a Livestream themed “Design Without Borders” episode of the Decorative Art Design Competition organized by the China Building Decoration Association.


Design & Art of Living

Lilian Tian, JinShang ‘Mayor,’ the Founder & Design Director of WTL Design, attended the 12th Annual Commercial Conference at the Intercontinental Guangzhou exhibition center organized by the Economic Observer. As one of the keynote speakers, Lilian shared the stage with some of the nation’s top leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs.


The Romantic Cuban Night

A Terrific Evening
Glamorous to be exact
The theme of ‘Romantic Cuban Night’
Enthusiasm and Elegance


Beyond Ordinary | Trinidad and Tobago

Once again, another magnificent day left a special mark
with our JinShang community



we present the spectacular aLL-african Bazaar Just for You!



The “SILK ROAD ON THE SEA” Art and Cultural Exchange Exhibition, organized by Yunus Emre Enstitusu, International Exchange Committee of Catis (Raise), and the International Exchange Committee of Catis, will be held at Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center, JinShang Yuan.



When we started to green our rainbow terace we wanted to create an oasis within the central business district of Beijing, to give us a secret place for relax from the concrete and steel. We choose flowers that could adapted to the outdoor environ- ment of Beijing. These flowers enable visitors to feel the charm of flowers in three of the four seasons. When you come to the rainbow terrace, you can see climbing Campsis and Rose, blooming Hydrangea and Kniphofia. Surrounded by flowers, you may be able to temporarily forget the troubles of work, and feel the power of flowers around you.


Immerse Yourself in Arts @JinShang

A sa designer in mind and artist at heart,  Lilian is passionate about creating spaces that encompass the whole universe. In her universe, at JinShang community, art, poetry, music, and culture co-exist. From these we
derive positivity and inspiration.


Celebration of Argentinian Culture

Another marvelous day with marvelous people at JinShang Rainbow Terrace, celebrating the vibrant Argentinian culture, savoring the best F&B, and feasting on electrifying tango dance.


Benefit Live Music @ JinShang

Welcome to join an important event organized by the Embassy of Moldova featuring the amazing band The Real Deal, at JinShang this Friday evening, April 22nd 6:30pm. The Real Deal Band is made up 3 rockers in Beiijing, this band brings an energy and depth that’s both exciting and unique. Greg Luttrell (vocals, guitar and harmonica) from USA, Nico Mege (drums) from France and Norman Manriquez (Bass) from Chile, they bring fun and passion to all styles, and filling the room with dance music, new and classic songs. All the proceeds go to support displaced refugees!




Franck Muller experiential center settled in JinShangLan of JinShang Series

Dear friends and distinguished guests, First of all, we wish to extend our sincerest gratitude to you for your support and participation in our Jan 16th launching celebration with Franck Muller at Jin Shang Li. It was a true honor to have you and make our party so special and memorable. We hope you enjoyed and had an amazing time as we did!


China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) @ALUM​

Our Jin Shang Starry ALUM Hall was fully booked even on the weekends, with exciting cultural, art, and adventurous events. This weekend, we hosted China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)Beijing Alumni Association Self-driving Club on their new ways of unlimited options for adventurous expedition across China.


Shake Spear's MidSummer Night Dreams @ALUM

We hosted iconic Shake Spear’s MidSummer Night Dreams Play. They put out a play that’s full of energy, joy, and laughter. The weekend was well-spent, meaningfully!!


China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) @ALUM​

Our Jin Shang Starry ALUM Hall was fully booked even on the weekends, with exciting cultural, art, and adventurous events. This weekend, we hosted China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)Beijing Alumni Association Self-driving Club on their new ways of unlimited options for adventurous expedition across China.


Connecting Minds & Creating the Future

LuceDesign China & China in-store jointly organized a design-themed salon last week. It was a true inspiration and joy to listen to the magic stories behind the lighting design and creative space design. 
Our Founder & Design Director Lilian Tian joined as one of the keynote speakers and shared her design journey and stories of 金尚 SHANG.
“No one can leave the earth before we create 100 series of Shang around the world,” Lilian would always tell us; her deep passion, faith, and indomitable purpose have been the motivation for all of our staff and partners around the world. 


Shang Thanksgiving Day

At the close of another year, we gratefully pause to thank every one of our staff, partners, tenants and you! SHANG community is stronger, brighter, and more resourceful than ever. We want to appreciate and celebrate you; we are where we are BECAUSE OF YOU! Thank you!


Women at Shang

We hosted the screening of the Award-Winning documentary WOMAN at Shang 金尚 · 源 with Girl Gone International and other dedicated women volunteers. 
WOMAN is a worldwide project giving voice to 2000 women in 50 different countries. It was such a powerful moment, listening to all these women around the globe with diverse backgrounds, sharing their personal life stories on the screen. Despite the tremendous challenges they face in their lives, they not only overcome those odds, but also pursue their dreams with courage, indomitable spirit, and power. They use their voice to speak up and speak loud to be heard and listened to. What a special Saturday; it brought so much energy and inspiration. We would love to support and host these kinds of important events or activities that create a positive impact, awareness, and education for our Shang community in Beijing. 


Shang × IQAir

At Shang, we not only give significant care and attention to the space we create, but most importantly, we deeply care about the air people breathe and the water they drink. We emphasize the integration of beauty and health in our design that truly enhances health thus increasing the happiness of our people.


Inside Design @Qiu Wei × Shang

On June 7th, famous TV host, director and writer Qiu Wei was interviewed by Shang’s brand director Nannan. From the Qiu Wei Room she collaborated with Shang’s Designer Guesthouse brand 7Shang, her thoughts about design in our interview, we can tell that she is not only a famous TV host, director and writer, but also an advocate of aesthetic living and a practicer of her beautiful life.


Shang Book Day

On April 23, Shang’s second reading day arrived as planned. 6 colleagues from Shang and WTL Design shared their favorite book and reading experience. Two young colleagues brought their family members and performed a mini drama that they wrote together. Finally, Shang’s reading day ended with two mindfulness sessions, including practice to improve concentration and aesthetics in mindfulness. Although the book day came to an end, we will not stop reading. In the future Shang will also hold a monthly “Book Opening” event. Stay tuned!


Lilian, founder and chief designer of Shang, was invited to attend the Conference of Architectural Decoration Materials

The 2020 Conference of Architectural Decoration Materials was successfully held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Lilian, the founder and chief designer of Shang, was invited to attend the conference. She focused on the theme “New Trends, New Explorations, and New Design under the Integration of Culture and Tourism”. Combined with her past design experience and travel experience, she elaborated the theme in detail. To fulfill the needs of design industry, the material library in Shang planned by Lilian will be completed in May 2020. It will become the largest, most complete offline material selection center with the best experience in the northern of China, and it is open to global suppliers and designers for free.


Jane Goodall in Shang

On November 3, Shang Yuan welcomed Dr. Jane Goodall, a world-renowned zoologist and the best chimpanzee. Dr. Jane spent 38 years in the wild in Africa in order to observe and study chimpanzees. She travels around the world, calling on people to protect wildlife and the planet’s environment. Professor Gaffa of Shanghai Theater Academy compiled the story of Dr. Jane and the chimpanzee into a Peking Opera. Gaffa showed Dr. Jane a fragment of this Peking Opera at the Jin Shangyuan second-level Co-Lab. Some members of the Jin Shang team were also fortunate to share with Group photo with Dr. Jane.


Shang Charity Event | When you have love, you have everything

On December 9, Shang Lido welcomed more than 60 students from Changping Farmers’ Girls’ School (Bingxin Girls’ School) co-founded by Bingxin Foundation. Bingxin Girls’ School aims to provide employment skills and quality training for left-behind women in rural areas. Its school philosophy, “With Love, Everything Has It” coincides with the theme of Jin Shang Lido’s tenth floor soft love exhibition. In order for the students to feel the beauty and experience love, the Shang team led the students to visit the soft love art exhibition on the tenth floor of Shang Lido.


Get to know ceramic art and experience intriguing beauty

On December 4, Shang University’s first lesson began! The first section is a ceramic art class by Zhang Hongwen from Communication University. In the class, teacher Zhang started with the basic knowledge of ceramics, and appreciated the collections she brought with her. After the whole class, Mr. Zhang always smiled and talked about the ceramics that she was obsessed with and studied constantly … Looking forward to the next class, and even more look forward to the movie appreciation class that Mr. Zhang will teach on the terrace next summer. Post-release outdoor film … Shanger’s life, vivid and colorful.


Design with Heart-Forum for the Integration and Sharing of Art

On September 26, the forum of “Intentional Design-Inclusion and Sharing of Art Design”, jointly organized by Jin Shang, Beijing International Design Week Organizing Committee, and the Renmin University of China Art Academy, was held at the 11th floor designer club in Beijing. Chen Gong, Deputy Director of the Office of the Beijing International Design Week Organizing Committee; Mu Zhifei, Director of the CG Art Committee of the China Academy of Film and Fine Arts; Li Youyou, Deputy Director and Secretary-General of the Folk Arts and Crafts Committee of the China Academy of Arts and Design; Director Zheng Xiaohong, well-known Japanese architectural designer Aoyama Zhouping, and founder of China Home Designers Brand Alliance Song Tao attended the forum.


Members of Youjiahui Meet at Shang Lido

On September 24th, members of the elite female group Youjiahui Beijing met with Shang Lido for a multidimensional sensory experience exhibition “Soft Love”. The chief curator, Professor Zheng Xiaohong, personally explained the design inspiration and behind-the-scenes creation of the exhibition, and shared the thoughts on love and life with the 11th floor designer club together with the founder of the Shang series Lilian.


Soft Love | Find the purest love in poetry

The Japanese BIRDMAN design team and the Renmin University of China creative design mode innovation studio launched the “Soft Love” large-scale new media pioneer experimental exhibition. In the 1,400-square-meter art space on the 10th floor of Jin Shang Lido, create an interactive experience that breaks through imagination. Deliver unique and new ideas for new media art creation. The founder and chief designer of Shang Lidolian Tian was invited as an exhibition’s art consultant to discuss the development of new media art and traditional cultural innovation with guests from different industries.


Shang Lido opening ceremony

The drizzle on the ground hit the ground, leaves, and flowers, and also hit the hearts of SHANG Shangers and WTL Designers… but everyone is still actively preparing for the rain and non-stop, we can’t stop us from Shang Lido celebrating its big day——16th June, Shang Lido opening ceremony. Shang team carefully designed a Shang Tour to show the guests the various beauty of SHANG Shang · Li], telling the story of [SHANG Shang · Source] and [SHANG Shang · Li] and the future of SHANG Shang.


World Book Day@ Shang Lido

On April 23, World Book Day, let us feed the soul with words. Not only this day, but every day. The “World Book Day” event is the first large-scale event organized by Jin Shang Lido. The event is located at the top of “SHANG Designer’s Club”. At Jin Shang Lido, the charm of the text is shown in every detail of the design. In particular, Lilian, the founder and chief designer of the Shang series, was invited to share her reading experience with everyone.

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