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Alexandria’s Library of Utopian Materials

Due to the lack of space for display, designers, customers or Party A often place the materials on their hands in public office spaces or conference rooms when selecting materials. In this way, it is not possible to intuitively and comprehensively display the feature of each material. It also causes more usage in the public office spaces, which hinders the overall tidiness of the whole office space.

Therefore, Lilian Tian, the founder and chief designer of Shang, decided to use a more than 600 square meters venue in the Shang Yuan and transform it into a multifunctional material library that integrates interactive experience, product promotion and work communication. Behind this decision is a designer with more than 20 years of interior design experience thinking about the development of the design industry, about how to combine this self-owned venue effectively with rich design resources and supplier resources and take the lead in breaking the traditional communication method of the market by creating a new communication platform that meets people’s need better.


The new form of display she creates will replace the traditional display of still objects and static pictures, and will add modern audiovisual effects of multimedia, Internet, and video technology. Through the visualized, tangible and experiential scene presentation, the anchor products carefully selected by various suppliers are displayed in front of customers, which will dismiss the concerns of the customer ,deepen the customer’s understanding of materials and improve the communication efficiency between customer, designer and supplier during the material selection period.

Secondly, the multi-functional materials library is also a more professional and efficient work space for employees, which facilitates cooperation and communication between various departments and teams. To meet the needs of our employees, the library is to be equipped with a large operating table, large-size LED high-definition display, material storage room, etc.

After the completion of the multifunctional materials museum, it will become the exclusive offline material selection experience center for members of the Shang Designers Club. It will also open for free for all customers, suppliers and partners from all over the world.

In the design of the material library’s space, Lilian not only personally participated in the design, but also invited her favorite Italian architect Momo Andreas Destro to work with her to make sure that different types of materials can show the best display effect in the space.

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