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Eat. Work. Thrive. Stay.

Shang offers a wide range of options to make daily life that much more convenient and productive. Whether it’s your morning coffee or your evening dinner, a trip to the gym or spa, doing laundry or just grabbing a hair cut, Shang has everything you need right at your door.

The Guesthouse at Shang

“7SHANG” is part of Shang series, which are located on the top floor of Shang Lido and the 6th floor of Shang Yuan.7 X 2 unique guest rooms, hidden in Beijing, are really precise and witty, and the space design is vivid. Whether you live long, stay short, business trip, or even find inspiration for your own living room design, you can find happiness in your own style and limited life here. 7SHANG is not defined by anyone but you to experience yourself.


7SHANG at Shang Yuan

The 7 designer rooms located on the 6th floor of Shang Yuan. The founders of Shang Lilian Tian invited well-known creators in the global design field, such as Luke Hughes, Antonio Ochoa, Romer Valera, Ed Ng, Qiu Wei, Wu Na and Yanling to work together to build 7SHANG.
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Luke Hughes

Standard Rate:2999Rmb
Promotional:        1499Rmb

Ed Ng

Standard Rate:2999Rmb
Promotional:        1499Rmb

Qiu Wei

Standard Rate:2999Rmb
Promotional:        1499Rmb

Antonion Ochoa

Standard Rate:2999Rmb
Promotional:        1499Rmb

Romer Valera

Standard Rate:2999Rmb
Promotional:        1499Rmb


7Shang at Shang Lido

The 7SHANG guesthouse on the top floor of Jin Shang Lido reflect the softness of human nature from the unique design, live life with joy, and affection with ordinary heart. It follows the infinite comfort of living.
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Room 2019

Standard Rate:999Rmb
Promotional:        599Rmb

Room 07

Standard Rate:999Rmb
Promotional:        599Rmb

Room 2016

Standard Rate:999Rmb
Promotional:        599Rmb

Room 007

Standard Rate:999Rmb
Promotional:        599Rmb

Room 1999

Standard Rate:999Rmb
Promotional:        599Rmb

Room 2046

Standard Rate:999Rmb
Promotional:        599Rmb

Suit 001

Standard Rate:1999Rmb
Promotional:        1199Rmb

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Building No.20
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Chaoyang District,


Building No.2
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Shang Yuan 101
An authentic gourmet brand from Italy, founded and inherited by the Salvo family. At BOTTEGA we enjoy more than 20 Naples “wood fire” pizzas and a variety of exquisite Italian dishes.


Shang Yuan 104
Come to Flatwhite and order a cup of barley white, a bit of bitterness and the sweetness of milk, the balance between coffee and milk is maximized, you can experience the authentic Australian style at any time in Shang.


Shang Yuan 112
Tel: 1381001 7792
Shang also has a late-night cafeteria, which is open until zero. It is very suitable for night owls to have a full meal here, with roasted birds, pots, various side dishes and sake, enough to make you tired of the day.


Shang Yuan 106
Every friend who comes to Q MEX will lament that this is Beijing’s “most healing happy restaurant”. Especially during the ball season, multiple indoor large screens play important sports events from all over the world together, accompanied by fresh Taco and special cocktails, while watching the ball high!

Great Leap Brewery

Shang Lido 103
Tel: 010-64347221
Great Leap Brewery aims to create a craft beer with a Chinese soul. As the first craft beer brand in Beijing, the beer is carefully brewed with local hops and locally produced malt, as well as various spices.Exquisite life


Shang Yuan 102
Tel: 15101006869
A Japanese-style izakaya that specializes in sizzling birds. It also has an excellent lunch set on weekdays. Fresh seafood is served every night, perfect for a drink after work.

A bite of Taipei

Shang Lido 101
Tel: 010-84330021
A bite of Taipei is served by two Taiwanese gold chefs. The ingredients respect the original taste of Taiwan. The ingredients are sourced from Taiwan and they can taste all kinds of hot stir-fried on the streets of Taiwan.

Sun Sushi

Shang Yuan 108
Tel: 13683617461
The unique and innovative department is a daily food, you can feel the chef’s ultimate pursuit of food. Don’t miss the chef’s recommendation of the day when you come here!

Turkish Feast

Shang Yuan 115
Tel: 010-64688321

Chef Cenk Cakmak, a chef with over ten years of experience, cooks steaks, various grilled meats and cheese products. He is not only a gourmet sign of Turkish Feast, but also the soul of Turkish cuisine. Here he can enjoy the authenticity without going abroad.Turkey passion!

Kiichiro · LAI

Shang yuan 113
Tel: 010-64680696
Kiichiro·LAI is a tempura specialty restaurant. Mr. Kiichiro Asano, the third-generation successor of Inagiku, together with his first disciple, Lai Wei, set a new benchmark for tempura in Beijing.


Shang Lido 303
Tel: 18210994234

In addition to conventional fat-brushing and muscle-building, there are also posture adjustment courses for sedentary people in the office. Members of the coaching team hold domestic and foreign qualifications such as ARCA, CBBA, ACE,CrossFit, and MFT.

Pujing Dental Clinic

Shang Lido 201-204
Tel: 010-64371286

Pujing is an outpatient
department of foreign-related dental family services. From the guidance to the consultation, there are professional medical staff to guide you. The team of
doctors has been in business for more than 20 years.


Shang · Yuan 201
Tel: 010-64094356
If you have a passion for Bespoke suit, you can make an appointment to communicate with the owner in the shop!

Yi Fan Japanese Skin Treatment

Shang Lido 205
Tel: 010-84102655

Treatment ranks 1st on the Dianping list. From snack drinks to skin care equipment, the owner returned from Japan. There is no hidden consumption in the
store, enjoy one-on-one full service, and you can experience Japanese-style
beauty culture without going abroad.

Lily spring

Shang Lido 301-302
Tel: 010-84701631

Provide more than 200 nursing services, including skin management and SPA massage. The private and
quiet environment and professional and meticulous methods make every guest who arrives feel happy and relaxed.

Miss Eleven

Shang • Source 605
Tel: 19919865470
Miss Eleven Nail Nail Japanese Salon includes nail, eyelash, hand and foot spa, beauty and other items. Many members who work nearby will choose the small ME home as the lunch break and complete the manicure and eyelashes at the same time in one hour. The light and skilled manicure of the manicurists will not affect their beautiful sleep at all. Why not do it?


Jin Shang Yuan 111
Tel: 15011425599
In the morning, it was a barbershop, and in the evening, it turned into an appointment-style Japanese salon at the bar.The manager and hairdresser were Japanese. Everyone says that this is a barbershop that needs your thoughts.

Mini gym

Shang Lido 11F

We designed one of the offices on the 11th floor to create a mini aerobic gym for everyone. I hope that you can also release stress through exercise during work to maintain physical and mental health. The design of the glass wall in the gym makes the space more open and helps you observe your physical posture at all times.


Shang Yuan 105
Pachapapi is the first Peruvian restaurant in Beijing. The owner and his family are from Limalai, the capital of Peru. Shortly after opening, it won the Timeout “Best Newborn Restaurant Award of 2018”, satisfying many diners’ love for Peru.